I teach individuals or dance couples/partners; single or together as well as group classes.


Services include:

  • Posture and movement evaluation, assessment of frame, alignment and connection.
    ~  look at posture/tension/ quality of touch
    ~  help your arms grow out into frame synergistically with your torso and head
    ~  help your neck be long and beautiful instead of tight and contracted – in your frame and in the connection with partner.
  • Gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to undo tension patterns.
  • Help you to master the inner game of Posture and Poise – it is a mind-body, psycho-physical-emotional connection…heart, mind, body collaboration.
  • Improve your coordination so you can dance across the floor with ease, not effort. Understand the mechanics and focus needed to take flight.


I love helping dancers solve movement problems:

  • Solve dance problems that are connected to body problems: Pain, tension, anxiety, overuse injuries…and More!
  • Solve body issues that keep limiting you!
  • Feel a sense of freedom in the body, control without tension, and dance without limits.


Private lessons by appointment

In dance studios from San Jose to Belmont:

Dance Vita Ballroom

The Starlite Ballroom

Other local studios of your choice by arrangement.

Privately in my home studio 

Contact Dana to arrange a lesson  

“Alexander technique is my secret weapon. It is my best fighting power against discomfort and disconnection on stage. As an actress, I have been working on breathing and freedom of movement, which in the past has kept me from being fully engaged with my fellow actors. After one class session with Dana, I have learned phrases to say to myself to give myself permission to open up my body which helps me express myself more. Dana has given me more than good, relaxed posture–she has given me tools to feel confident and beautiful in my performance.

I do improv on Thursdays and my body is so free the next day. I love showing off to my tough teacher in SF!” 

~ Syeda Huq

Group classes:

Wednesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Pacific Ballet Studio, Mt. View, CA

Monthly series class
$80 /4-week month


Special Workshops and Lectures

At Dance Studios and Competitions

By arrangement.

“You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension.” 

~ F.M. Alexander

Free yourself from tension and Dance without Limits: Applied Alexander Technique® for Dancers.