Free Your Body to Dance Without Limits

Applied Alexander® Technique for Dancers with Dana Ben-Yehuda

I help dancers find freedom in the body, control without tension, and dance without limits!

Equipping dancers with information and techniques to free themselves to dance without limits.

Training and assisting dancers to release mental and muscular tension so they can perform without limits.

Learning to identify and release self-critical thoughts and limiting beliefs to grow without limits.

Mind, body and heart working in harmony.

What’s in it for me?

      • Look fabulous on the floor.
      • Improve power and ease of movement.
      • Release mental tension that limits performance.
      • Protect my body from unnecessary stress and strain.
      • Continue dancing when age and injury might have otherwise have stopped me.
      • Improve focus and clarity, the mind-body connection between thought and execution.
      • Feel better, freer and with a better understanding of my body and know I can have that feeling whenever I want!


Photographs by Ken Hall.


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– Tips for Lightness and Ease                                                                                  – Release tension from neck & shoulders